What To Consider When Placing Your Home Security Cameras

July 9th, 2019

For some people in Wayne, NJ, there’s no such thing as “enough cameras” until they can get a high-definition recording of every square inch of their home.  Unfortunately, that kind of coverage is beyond the budget of both homeowners and even major corporations.  Instead, you have to prioritize, and if you want to do it right you have to understand where risks come from and what your cameras are capable of.

Understand Your Home’s Design And Weak Points

Burglars will sometimes break a window to sneak into a house, but they’re more likely to use a door.  This is because standard door locks aren’t too difficult to pick or break open, burglars can move larger items through a door, and they look less suspicious to anyone who happens to spot them.  Good camera placement should cover your front door and side doors plus your garage, and you might also want interior cameras that can see your most valuable possessions.

Use A Mix Of Indoor And Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are useful for a number of reasons.  You can watch your yard for suspicious activity, you can see who comes and goes and when, and a camera or two in an obvious spot can act as a deterrent against would-be burglars.  However, a few indoor cameras can also be helpful.  Professional burglars are less likely to spot and disable indoor security cameras, plus they let you keep an eye on what your kids (or their babysitters) do when they think you aren’t paying attention.

Keep Recorded Areas Well Lit

Many cameras come with low-light modes that let them see what’s going on even in the middle of the night.  However, these cameras are more expensive than the normal versions and you still lose image and color quality compared to normal light modes.  By keeping your front door and yard well-lit, you let your cameras work their best while also letting you see your surroundings if you happen to look outside.  Having a well-lit yard can also act as a deterrent since burglars in Wayne, NJ who strike at night usually don’t like being seen.

Cameras Are Good For More Than Home Security

Having a few extra eyes watching your property helps your security, but it can also help with a few other things.  A camera watching your garden lets you see which plants are flourishing and which need help without having to leave your comfortable house, plus you can see if any rabbits or other Wayne, NJ-area pests happen by to eat your garden.  You could also watch the street for regular visitors or suspicious activities.

Of course, no matter where you put them a set of security cameras work best when they’re part of a more comprehensive security system.  You could have cameras that activate when someone approaches the front door or enters a door with an electronic lock, and you see what’s going on at home if a security alarm goes off and alerts your smartphone.  Residents of Wayne, NJ should speak with a Reliant Systems representative to learn more about how a comprehensive security system can help them.