Point Of Sale Pointers

November 15th, 2019

For a retail store or restaurant, one of the most important features in the whole building is the point-of-sale device. This is where the money changes hands, and all of your customers have to interact with this device to finish a sale. That means you should pay attention to the type of device you use, the types of payments it can accept, the training you give your staff, and the security you place around it. 

Choose An Effective Device

Your point-of-sale device should be as simple as possible for customers to use and accept as many forms of payment as possible. A growing number of customers are using cards with embedded chips and smartphone wallets to process their payments, and if your POS device can’t accept these payment types then many customers will look for a location that can. At the same time, your POS system should also be able to accept cash payments since that’s still a popular way to pay. 

Get A POS Device That Works For Your Industry 

Point-of-sale devices come in many shapes and sizes. Not only can you get modern systems that accept electronic payments, you can also get devices that work better with barcodes, quickly tally menu items together, create appointments and bookings for long sessions, and communicate with a central server so you can see how all your locations are doing from one office. All of these features can do a lot to increase employee and customer convenience, so remember to shop around before settling on a single device. 

Make Sure Your Staff Can Use Your Technology

While POS systems can be very convenient and easy for customers to use, they aren’t always so streamlined on the employee side. For employees, a POS system has to balance simplicity with customization, so you need to make sure that your staff can use the register or other point-of-sale device and know what all of the features and buttons do. You may also want to take some time and customize the system yourself, or else you should hire someone who can do so for you.

Be Careful With Security

Because your POS device is so important, you need to make sure it’s a security priority. That means you should install a camera that can see the business side of the POS device, and if you can you should have one camera for each sales station. Some POS devices come with built-in cameras, especially self-service devices, and if you have one you should make sure it’s integrated with your security system. You should also make sure the device has the kind of cybersecurity that will keep hackers from getting in.

Having the right point-of-sale device is important, but so is keeping it safe from robbers, thieves, and hackers. If safety is your concern, you can turn to Reliant Systems to find the hardware and software you need to prevent loss and keep your business strong. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation and find out how we can help you design the security system your company needs.